November 26, 2009

And Life goes on....

Hate my damn takes about 15 mins to get into operational mode by the time I'm too pissed off to get any concrete stuff done...Anyway my CATs on 29th and am so not freaked out about it...seriously how can you worry about something who's outcome is this predictable...I've as much chance of acing the test as Delhi govt. implementing the plastic ban...where the word 'acing' actually means getting a decent percentile so as not to be branded as a 'super-loser with IQ -10' the hell did i end up where i am right now???

Honestly i never thought getting into a fairly passable col would be this tough...I've been sitting down with books lately trying to remember what all went on in the classes but its like they're punishing me for not paying attention then..the only thing going in my mind was the geometry workshop....I love geometry but that was before attending the class..Geo basic class was good as I could understand what sir was talking about...Geo-2 was a nightmare!! 5 mins into the class the 4( 3 of my friends and me) of us were all role model students...45 mins later 1 of themz yawing away to glory and looking at the time every nanosecond, 1z making fun of a guy sitting in front of her, shalini and me were giving awestruck glances to a prospective CAT cracker girl...with 30 mins to go, we weren't even pretending to listen and were happily discussing the pros-cons of legalising marijuana(life saver)...See sometimes predicting the future can be quite easy!!

Then there was this time when we had to write in a form why the hell do we want to join the particular col and boy were we fact we defined the term huhh??? that time...See for most people that would be kinda a dumb question to ask but then since when were we traditionalists?? Every kid has an idea what he/she wants to be...Till 8th I wanted to be a CA having never studied accounts obviously (pipe dreams)...By 10th I wanted to do something for the society and hence environmentalist or work for animals but they're not even considered as jobs in our country!! I didn't want to take up science coz to be honest slogging is not my forte...took up commerce and before I knew it I was in the rat race(hmmm where did the term came up anyway???) for MBA...

Humans have a tendency to put blame on something when things don't go according to what they expected and - my punch bag happens to be society...come on see for yourself, You want to do something that you enjoy but it's apparently not in accordance with 'the society', commerce and science are considered worthwhile streams while people from humanities background are looked down upon...ohh and btw you're not really something if you've not qualified IIT or IIM... Basically its not you who decide what you want to be in life, unfortunately the society does it for you.. Whose successful and whose not, yep decided by society again...thing is no matter how much you try to squash these social practices, they come back and hit you right in the face..which is why all of us are exactly similar save for some minor deflections..No individuality.. and in this quest to be be different we tend to ape the western culture and fall in the category of wannabe's...and people who are creative and manage to find their own personality are called too fast or too modern or anti-society...And the whole recent going on that people of today can follow their own dreams is completely bullshit...either its a CA, MBA, Engineer, Doctor...and even if 1 out of 100 kids becomes what he/she wants, its not something to be proud of...And people ask whats in Other countries that India lacks...umm nothing much except a chance to be who you really are...


  1. good good i like this post....society decides what is good for us and what isnt....i am sick of it....good luck for cat....:)

  2. lol.. welcome to the rat race..
    even am givin cat.. 3rd.. all the best.. society.. think wat ur friends and parents might think of u.. y do u worry abt the damn society.. the society is like quick sand.. no use trying to come outta it coz u r gonna die anyway..
    now i liked the title.. u listen to 2 pac??

  3. same stuff as vishnu says..there just too many humans that whatever you do youre doesnt

  4. hmm ya the ol dialogue " Blame it on the society" thats wat we are all abt!..luck with yur CAT... :)

  5. My computer boots up & is operational in 58 seconds :P
    CAT ki prep mein sabi ka bura haal hai. Still, shake-a-leg, agar kuch na aaye toh khade hoke naachne lag jaiyo, but don't break-a-leg while doing so.

  6. @kaka, hary- thnx :)

    @vishnu, soin - question: wat happens if your parents or friends care what d society thinks so in the end it boils down to keeping your parents happy ie giving in to pressure or breaking out??? its not that simple...

    @rohit- 58 secs, talk abt u timed it specifically to annoy me...guess whoz no1 on my hate list??? ....but since ur pcs busted rt now I think i'm better off.. :P

  7. @vishnu- na dnt listen to 2pac...hadnt evn heard bout him...not much in2 R& liked his views...

  8. ohh man! That geo class was ultimate bore...except for the marijuana debate! ;)
    I swear...the main reason we still dont know what we want to be is because of the excessive pressure and narrowed-down list presented to us of "what we CAN be".

  9. @shalini -I swear!! and knew i could count on you to support me... :)

  10. convince ur parents that we dont have to believe in the society.. the point is u shd have a good understanding with ur parents such that they believe in ur every decision.. free..

    ur title is a famous 2 pac song.. u can try it.. its good.. not even eminem??

  11. @vishnu-convincing parents is not THAT easy...specially when they have ideologies of their own and are not willing to open up.

    @sakshi-sorry for commenting on your behalf dude. I know your story...will always support you. "You'll never walk alone"...;)

  12. @shalini -u apologized to ME?? will wonders never cease?? See this is why I think you rock :P

    @vishnu - if only it was that easy...i agree communucationz imp but it shud be followed by acceptance of new ideas and wateva shalini said totally counts....

  13. fine.. i guess i'll leave you because of "you'll never walk alone".. n yeah win against everton..
    actually i was expecting a post from u for the joint stadium idealogy of the merseyside..