November 04, 2009

Time Travel - part 1 My First rock concert

Well actually it's my first and only rock concert...i can almost hear your pitiful sighs...but hey at least I got the ball rolling ( ya this is how I try 2 console myself..lame-o) yesterday night I was trying to put some heavy stuff through my head ( what else but course material )...fortunately to no avail ( I'm a staunch believer in the theory " the less you have in your mind at this point of time, more space will be available to put knowledgeable stuff  into when needed-like near exam time" ). And the Metallica song stuck in my head was certainly not helping. You know how things are, 1 thought leads to another and there I was suddenly reminiscing about my first rock concert, band being Parikrama.
 It satrted as an ordinary extra-ordinary day. I was like 3 yr old kid given a new yummy candy diligent students me and my friends attended the col lectures ( woes of attendance pple but like always didn't hear a single word)...Later on we started off ...There was this big confusion about whether special passes were required to gain entrance..We didn't have them but as if that could stop us..I swear we must have thought about a zillion ways how we would have to enter in case they didn't let us including scaling the wall ( thorough planning- all the qualities of a future manager..I shud write it in my resume)...Fortunately nothing of that sort happened and we entered in a pretty dignified manner...

1 hour later Parikrama was THERE...the crowd was soooo damn jagged up that everybody went crazy while they were tuning their equipment...this must give a fair idea about the later me when they actually began playing we literally head-banging our necks off....head-banging, head-rolling we did it all...not to mention had huge pain in our necks the other day...but it was sooooo worth it!!!!

Next stop Metallica !!!!


  1. "I'm a staunch believer in the theory " the less you have in your mind at this point of time, more space will be available to put knowledgeable stuff into when needed-like near exam time" i too support this theory...well i haven't been to a rock concert though i had the chance to go for iron maiden's last year but missed out on it...good luck...:)

  2. Tell me about it! You don't even have internals which are starting from 9th :(

  3. ooo i missed the iron maiden concert here as well...wembley stadium..

  4. Haha...dude...that was an awesome concert! Oww, thinking about the neck-pain we all had after that. That sure was one hell of a concert!
    We'll go this time too...PLEASE PLEASE!

  5. @kaka, hary - u guys missed THE iron maiden concert??????????? woah!!!!! how cum????

    @rohit - pple wl crib bout d internals but still find time 2 read blogs n comment on them : P

    @shalini- duhhhhh!!! thats an implied thingy..

  6. blog hopped from das leben.. good start..
    i missed motherjane.. luks like another post from my side..