November 23, 2009

Metallica vs Megadeth

I would've loved commenting on the Liverpool-Man C match except therez nothing to comment about aside for the fact that pool won - where winners were decided not on the basis of goals scored but rather no. of injuries , which would make pool winning for a long time now ( thank you Benayoun!! )....Anyway thank God for vh1...nah the producers of the channel more likely ....I switched on the channel at 8 last night to find Metallica concert going on in none other than Germany ( that story will have to be another blog)...btw the showz called Gods of Guitar its showing all the amazing rock bands ever started with Led Zep so get the drift....followed by Roadhouse blues -The doors, Back in Black -AC/DC ( Angus Young looked a lot like Merry in the video!!!), Smells like teen spirit ( bloody hell Cobainz a genius, he was tuning his guitar AND playing at the same the hell ) and then a song by white stripes ( ring any bells shalini??) and then Lenny Kravitz ( love the guy as much as his dressing style yeowww)....I swear by the end of the programme I was music is kinda a drug , you get a lil feel of it, it goes straight to your head, controlling you, making you want more which is why I found myself checking youtube at 1 at night for more metallica videos ( another reason to be thankful )....

CAUTION: If you're a Megadeth fan, for health reasons it's best you skip the blog, Metallica fans, trust me your going to enjoy this....

So I was surfing youtube all the while waiting for a video to buffer(arghhh) while I read some comments stupid losers had made about how Dave Mustain can beat the crap outa James hettfield and how Metallica sux ( ya right) without mustain???? For people with non-music background mustain was a part of metallica in the beginning but they chucked him out coz of his psycho ways and excessive substance crazy would you have to be to put vodka in Cliff's (metallica bassist- died in a freak mishap, considered 1 of the best bassist in the worlds) guitar and duhhh the guy got about sabotaging your own band they parted ways in not so amicable manner (woke him in the morning and gave him return tickets...poww)....

Do not get why Megadeth fans waste their energy posting such stuff when they know megadeth can never reach level-metallica...And well mustain was bound to get pissed but 20 years later when he has a successful band, he still goes on cribbing bout it like a 7 yr old kid, its just laughable....he goes on like ' I'm so glad i left(lol) metallica coz its got no talent' but dude if you still have time to ponder over it, it just shows you're missing it....High time you got over it!!!  The guyz a pretty good lyricist and to be honest megadethz songs are amazing but then no comparison to jameza!! Oh yeah and the constant tirade of they stole my songs is getting pretty lame-o too word for him dignity!! and the reason megadeth got created was that mustain wanted to prove that he could form a better band than metallica hence - Megadeth....

Check out this video of mustain ...
FYI whatever dave said is totally bullshit...kirk wasn't even IN the band so no chance of anything of that sort happening!!!!
and then metallica retaliating....


  1. Oww man! I was going to talk to you about this Gods of Guitar...i saw the one in which GnR was playing...and OH MY GOD!..the sheer energy level of the guy set me headbanging and jumping on the sofa(did somebody hear a creak?). The show ended with "sweet child of mine" and WOW!!...dont have words!
    Hey...was "seven nation army" playing??
    Oh please...metallica rocks...always!

  2. bludy this is s unfair..i stop watching tv for a couple of weeks coz no football and vh1 turns in this awesum concerts..and the best one is a jimi hendrix concert.. he literally set the guitar on fire coz the circuits couldnt take the igh feed back amp at the speed he was playing..his guitar caught

  3. @shalini -lol i can just imagine you going berserk like that...GnR??? cool...n no it wsnt seven nation army sm other song dunno the name...
    PS - ALWAYS!!!

    @soin - too bad, you missed arsenalz match also??..classy m just happy pt difference didnt increase btw pool n arsenal...hvnt seen that concert bt heard bout it the same guitar that was auctioned recently??? the famous burnt jimi hendrix guitar???

  4. its very clear that u hate him.. blindly.. for my safety i better state that i like metallica way better than megadeth.. now look at the positive side.. since he left we got kirk another genius.. plus we got another great band called megadeth.. he jus didnt suit metallica.. n u call putting vodka in a guitar is crazy.. wat abt shooting ur self wen u r on a high dose.. call 1 a jerk and the other a god.. unfair..

    P.S: the god has a very bad handwriting.. i tried to read his suicided letter.. couldnt understand a thing..

  5. It wasn't cliffs bass, it was the orginal bass player he did it to. get your facts rights if you're going to diss someone.

  6. @vishnu -I dnt hate megadeth infact i rally like some of the songz besides therez no 'god' in my dictionary...I was merely commenting on mustainz inability to get over the fact that metallica chucked him out and 20 yrs later hez still fussing bout it..n his video proves it...hez the 1 giving all the nasty comments which are totally uncalled for....n ya cobainz handwriting bad, thank god he had guitar talent backing up....still a genius...

    @guitardeth- ahhhh a megadeth fan...thnx for the tip but that still doesnt change the fact that mustain did smthng wacko like that...wsnt cliff ...big deal...still was a band mate!!!

  7. 'Smells like teen spirit' is one of my fav. It is nectar for me.

  8. ha ha and do you know why Mustaine was thrown out?...go read it coz its one fucking hilarious incident!

  9. metallica is a great band if you have never listened to MEGADETH before and if it wasnt for DAVES music that was stolen metallica would have went nowhere now thats some chicken shit lame desperate bullshit and commercial success does notmean shit its staying with yoiur roots and if ur still an influence wich i must laugh out loud loud loud sorry but metallickass hasnt influenced any one in YEARS