November 08, 2009

Weekend Time-pass

I skipped college today so that I can lay the groundwork on my upcoming exams, which explains the reason why am blogging right now ( I am 1 idle student not ideal student)..... 

Saturday : Day started with Halloween party at my friend shilpiz place ( I know a lil late coming but crazy pple like us don't really need a date or time for it )..Had an awesome time dressing up as kick-ass and shalini were Joker ( the Dark Knight type n not red tomato nosed 1z )....came back...fell up and took out my books when I heard THE riff of  Where Ever I May Roam playing..ok story- therez this cool guy who lives below my place who keeps practicing on his electric guitar kinda rubbing in my face like " I can sooo play a guitar and u can't" sorta thing...And since I had nothing better to do there I was lying on the floor with  my ear glued to the surface so that I cud hear properly ( I never said I'm a sane freak).. Later on he starts on Sweet child Of Mine and if that wasn't enough the bass part of For Whom the Bell Tolls starts!!!...Thought bout gate-crashing their jamming session but figured out being buried alive by mom, I wouldn't be able to watch Liverpoolz match on monday...chucked the books and went to watch football...
Sunday : Got up late..had to go to my niece's 1st birthday party...reached there...I swear it's at places like these where you can see kids at their craziest best...shouting n screaming n howling...they sure know how to get on your nerves!! But finally I was in a place where most population was shorter than me!!( you can laugh all you want shalini) ...In my self-defense I'm not that short, am just not THAT tall...came back on time to watch ManU-Chelsea match ( not surprising since bro n me bugged our parents constantly reminding them bout the match )...and it was sooo worth it Chelsea won or better still Man U lost!!!...


  1. i am an idle student too albeit a tall one..:P....yay!!!manure lost...halloween party...thats nice.... :)

  2. i wanted both manu and chelsea to loose but god told me its not possible..sigh will i never get what i want..and both of u jokers??alice copper might have suited better i guess..and its never late to learn the guitar.going to start after these damn sem

  3. @kaka- heyyyy teasingz NOT allowd...double yay!! that ManU lost!!

    @soin- ya evn I wntd a draw 4 poolz sake so I cn understand ...n iv been tellin myself bout startin learin guitar for 2 yrs nw...hope u do better than me!!n alice cooper???

  4. Hey, I was more like a zombie than a joker...but what the hell..twas total fun!! Mom said the pics are scary...I was like..Woohoo!
    And of course, I am laughing shorty...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Jokes apart, you are NOT that short so chill and keep listening to the neighbour bhaiya.
    Last but not the least..Man "Always a loser" U!!

  5. ah yeah typo error..if you were not that faint hearted i would have suggested a certain dimmu borgir cover or a 1349..but zombie joker is so common

  6. i am idealy an idle student and worker :) ...joker...for halloween i mentioned in my prev post i'd dress up as such...but finally came out as crap sparrow! lol..

  7. @soin -thnx 4 idea, therez always a next time n wat gvs u d idea dat m faint-hearted??

    @hary -from joker 2 crap sparrow..seriously LOL!!

  8. wats the point in only u guys havin fun.. give us a good laugh too..
    n hav u listened to the apocalyptica version of wherever i may roam.. i liked it better.. no offense..