December 13, 2009

A little bit of this and that....

This blog took a long time coming all thanks to people who decide exams datesheet and think that students need only 1 day to learn stuff which they can't even understand in 3 months time...geniuses!! well 3 papers are down and each 1z got a more tragic story than the previous...The 1st one only turned out to be a shocker, couldn't even comprehend from which chapters ware the questions forget about answering them!!Question papers setters sure are big sadists...well they'll have fun correcting my paper..goodluck to them trying to figure out what I've written...One important lesson I've learned is NOT to get the entire bundle photocopied...its not like I read the whole lot and the psychological effect 'oh I've still got so much left to do and going to flunk this time' has damn near given me a heart attack way too many times...

Anyway chuck studies and coming to another shocker was Liverpool vs Arsenal match last night...another loss wooohooo(thisz with all the sarcasm I can muster)...I seriously thought pool could win this time, anybody would seeing the 1st half, even bro said so and thats something, fuck arsenal to stike back...Arshavinz a good player but whats with the expressions??? Ref was blind- No penalty to gerrard, no free kick to kuyt...Torres was abso-damn-lutely amazing!! and Alonso was there!!!!!
talk about rubbing salt on the wounds...Am I the only 1 or the match gave a sense of deja-vu -pool awesome in the 1st half, take a lead, other team strikes back(except this time was an own goal), another goal in quick succession, pool try to desperately fight back, still lose in the end!!

Man U lost so the feelings nullified...sometimes I love that team(black tooth grin)..I considered Gary neville a decent player but that was before his 'Liverpool got what they deserved' comment...dude mind your own business!!.. Tottenham lost too and that to Wolves of all but the great newsz modricz BACK!! and who would've thought chelsea being held by everton...1 important conclusion I've reached watching chelsea matches are: Lampard wears a wig - no kidding why else would he ALWAYS touch his hair after every 5 secs specially after a long run after the ball, oh yeah to make sure his ahem 'hair' is still on!!

And the week of shocker was concluded yesterday when bro told me that Dave Grohl- the Nirvana drummer is the same guy whoz Foo-fighters lead singer...from a drummer to lead singer and guitarist??? I generally don't believe stuff bro tells me, he has a major tendency to feed me up on weird lies so that i end up making a complete fool out of myself- like once he told me JD inxs frontman is chris angel (the mindfreak guyz) brother, told people bout it and won the 'most gullible person' award...this time I googled it down and it's freakingly true!!!

P.S- is Nistelrooy really coming to liverpool??? and just who the hell is this 'shorty' person whose sooo famous and in-demand in almost ALL the RnB song???? has the world run out of names now??? so original!!!!


  1. a wig for such short agree with u about the sadists part....all the best for ur exams...

  2. i passed in all my exams n thts wat i need.. u need to have an impression.. nothing else matters..
    true... i thought we deserved a draw.. the only thing arsenal did was to score the 2nd goal.. n that too a single man brilliance.. hey u dont talk abt his expressions.. thts wat is called attitude.. he is the don of the mafia.. i really was wishing manu to win.. nw that villa hav won.. they are way ahead.. a top 4 finish would be an extraordinary achievement.. lol@ lampard.. isnt his hairstyle a spike??

    seriously.. didnt u know abt dave grohl?? u gotta be kidding me.. but even i've had some late realisations.. i came to know abt the backmasking controversy of stairway to heaven a little late(dont temme u dont know this too.. see the wiki page of stairway to heaven n listen to the backward version n the lyrics.. truly unbelievable..)
    nistelrooy to liverpool?? tit for tat for owen.. lol..
    shorty?? r u talkin abt eminem or 50 cent??

  3. It's "Shwaty", a name addressing a sexy female in almost every rap-song. :-P
    Blackmasking is not only limited 2 Stairway to Heaven but is also present in EM's The Real Slim Shady, Britney's Hit Me Baby One More Time & many others. There's a full website dedicated 2 blackmasking & such songs (I'm forgetting it's name) google it out.

  4. Was waiting for your post...I dont have anything except for the idiotic exams to write! Sigh!
    And picture this: I sit with all happiness to see the Liverpool match and blow...the channels that show ESPN and Star Sports arent there! Asshole Cable guy...
    Hehe...Frank Lampard...
    And dude, even i knew about Dave Grohl!..
    I think Rohit told me...

  5. So you are like the last person on the planet to know about this :-P (like Phoebe)

  6. what u dint know about dave.he is super talented.drum guitar singing then lyrics .writes screenplay too.he and john paul of lz released a new album-them crooked vultures.its

  7. @kaka - thnx :) btw hw cum u deleted ur acc???

    @rohit- trust u 2 knw wat 'shawty' means :P and even YOU knew bout grohl wat the hell...i thought u didnt listen to rock ...

    @shalini- the guy just committed national offense not givin ESPN n Star Sports...ass kicking time??

    @soin- good ur back...woah no wonder nirvana rocked!!! anythng else i shud know so as NOT 2 fall in the 'last person 2 know' category...and crooked vultures-on it!!

  8. @vishnu- ya ur rt 'nothing else matters' ;)hey dnt get me wrong i really like the guy, maybe he could find a less funny way of expressing his attitude, or maybe not they are worthwatching :)

    n i knew wat backmasking is but its in stairway to heaven also????? jeez another shocker, hv i been living on planet loser till nw?? ya really hope nistelrooy comes 2 pool or david villa or silva...

  9. and is it not a great feeling to watch a good match on the eve of the exam?