November 06, 2009

Political Mess!!!!

Confessions of a geeky mind - I love reading newspapers...therez something about  laying your hands on the morning paper and finding out 'What's up with the world today' ...It's not that I diligently read the entire paper and memorise all the articles..but a scan through's definitely must ( starting with the sports page of course )...

So day before yesterday I opened the paper and the first thing I read was about the Madhu Koda scam...How the hell could a CM amass bloody 4000 cr rupees in such a short time( imagine 10% of it being spent on education or health, where that would lead us)...and the guy actually had the audacity to tell the SC to prove their case...which when they did, it had Mr. Koda retiring to a hospital faking an illness....At least dude show some originality..I mean we've seen waaay to many politicians go through the same route.

Eyes wandered down....Naxal hold 2 more people hostage....I guess the conversation btw Chiddu and his secretary went like this:
Secretary: Sir, Naxals have got hold of 2 more villager.
Chiddu: What only 2...These Naxals are loosing their touch.At least they didn't manage 2 capture another train....We score!!!
Secretary: So we do what we've been doing for the past year.
Chiddu: Sit back and watch of course...Rule No1 we only come to the rescue when crisis comes right on top of our heads...If we do something now people will start expecting too much from us..Now is my suit ironed for evening party??? THAT'S important !!

Page 16 : China Officials express displeasure at  a VIP person going to Arunachal Pradesh...Feel India's escalating tensions btw the 2 countries....Love China's guts for telling India who goes where and when in it's own country...India's reply -"  ___________________________    ". ( betcha they're still thinking about a retort )

Page 15: Pakistan feels India has a hand in Baluchistan. Mr. Zardari, rest assured, India's having a tough time looking after its internal situations, forget the externals one's .

Page 2: CommonWealthConstruction not even halfway there, blame game begins. And the best part -Australia who're holding CWG after India are willing to allow CWG2010 take place there if India's not ready till 2010, China also offers help!!!
what I see - Indian pride going down the drain.( Don't get me wrong I'm not Nationalistic sentimental fool, a Gandhian product, But I am just 1 of the million  Indians who feels India needs to take the reins in hand starting NOW and politicians need to stop speaking profound shit and get the hell working ).


  1. lol...not only that guy evn mayawati did everythign case on her so far....laloo put all trains for bihar...we used to buy tickets they use to travel in our seats....commonwealth games....every country treats it a national pride and try their best to bid for these games....wat are we doing...seriously it is a shame if are unable to complete on time...that too now ith extra funds alloted...

  2. i completely love our country for this..we are just moving slowly towards utter chaos..and the day will come when all goes bust..and in that the older bastards of the country will go into nothingness..and then we can start to live..alas till then these evil days must be ours..but these are all so entertaining and amuse me..and i hope the cw games dont happen will be humiliating to loose in our own country..i rather we loose some where

  3. @kaka -ya i wntd 2 put sm well chosen words 4 lalu n mayawati bt figurd pple wudv fallen asleep readin such a long blog ;)

    @soin- utter n total chaos...n evil days entertain n amuse you??? :P

  4. Ha! And the newspaper's say that Koda's wife sacrificed 11goats for her husbands well the public wealth wasn't enough to illegally encroach need the poor animals too! ASSHOLES!