November 10, 2009

Liverpool vs Birmingham

I seriously don't get it why liverpoolz matches must be kept so late at night??? Don't the EPL organizers realise that they're crazy fans who'd be thrown outa their houses for keeping up their constant stream of shouts in the dead of the night???

Anyway...bottomline atfer watching the match - LIVERPOOL ROXxxx..the end, goodbye....I know it was a draw and twas only against Birmingham but what the hell, it was sooo amazing...Liverpool were on the ball the whole damn time, I swear the possession must have read 80-20 in the end...I turned on the TV at 15 mins and Ngog scored right at that moment!!! And  for people who say that Jonson wasn't worth the money, pc of advice- go soak your head in water, the guy was playing as if he could see where the players were going to be 10 secs later n passed the ball exactly there...And the passing was unbelievable...Unfortunately Benitez scored (Therez no dearth of assholes in the world )..

And poor Reira got injured again BUT who should come instead Gerrard...wooohooo!!!...Jerome struck a stunner then, twas a pretty awesome shot to be fair ( mouth open in silent horror)...the best part was the penalty..hehehe, I know pool didn't really deserve it but SO WHAT!! Benayoun went totally berseck, pumping his fists..lml...Love Mascherano, seriously hez the EPL Gattuso I swear..always on the warpath!!

Aquilani also came on!! The only question going through my mind was how come pool hadn't scored 3-4 goals by now, they had soo many chances, they were doing everything right but sadly luck was eluding them!!there were soo many blocked attempts and successes also, it seemed Birmingham players were freakishly growing 2-3 pairs of extra legs and heads!!
but then always proud to be a RED!!!


  1. but that was a horrific torres u guys always mess with ur is true....they r being one-dimensional...u need someone to step up....johnson was amazing goign forward....the possession was 80-20 to birmingham they defended many blocks and all....

  2. err that was birmingham.. and ngog..well hes seeing tooo many ronaldo videos..but unlike eboue atleast hes good at diving..and the problem is not ur attack.. is ur defence and lucas..and johnson is awesum..but no support..i think if you come up against some team like villa who are swift in the counter you will

  3. I was watching Puppet Pals at that time :|

  4. Totally agree with you...late night is SOO NOT fair! And seriously, Jonson is a good player.
    Lol Benayoun...
    P.S-If ppl don't tell me the timings next time, don't be surprised if the newspaper headlines read-"Girl kills friend over football info".

  5. @kaka -horrific or not, we at least got d 1 pt!! n m nt givin ne credit 2 d opposition team, yup we seriously need good backup stikers , Villa for instance....

    @soin -hey when uv lost 7 outa 8 matches evn a draw against a team like birmingham is a cause for celebration!!n i agree defense needs working upon bt poolz can be pretty versatile so m nt sure bout them collasping against villa..Ronaldoz d god of diving...

    @rohit -wats that??? hvnt seen it...

    @shalini -In my self-defense I didn't know d exact timings, found out match wud start in london at 8 so figured out acc 2 time diff(no sarcasm needed here)

  6. i thought this was a blog owned by a liverpool fan.. guess its turning out to be a liverpool blog after all..
    as said.. defence,, am happy that agger is playing.. either carra shd be back to form or get a good enuf defender this jan.. aquilani still has to get suited to the epl.. he slipped nearly 3 times..
    i was wondering why the liverpool fans didnt boo christian benitez wen he was substituted.. my friend near me gave a reply.. he has the name benitez.. god help us..

  7. @vishnu -lol, i just wntd 2 comment on d match bt it turnd out in2 a blog...cnt help it :(...ya glad dat aggerz back n i guess aquilaniz got it 2 b a pool player jst needs tym...evn i got a shock on findin d guyz name...ironic benitez scorin 4 d opposition!!

  8. they are not showing the liv manciteh match.. instead its arsenal- sunderland.. am mad...

  9. @vishnu...wat???? no pool vs mancz match ws at 6:10 bfr arsenalz i guess u knw the score by nw... :(

  10. yup.. shd hav won..
    i learned one thing.. never trust a manu fan.. bloody he told the wrong info..