November 17, 2009

El stupido...

Haven't there been times when people ask you the most ridiculous-est of the questions and you're left wondering - could any one be seriously this daft or is the guy genetically pea-brained??? I guess that just sums up my last week...I came across the most profoundly dumb questions that had me rolling on the floor...

So here are a few of them with a well chosen sarcasm dripping retorts...
1. Okay you're in the bathroom and some1 knocks on the door asking if YOU'RE in there...
Retort - jeez NO way , What business could some1 possibly have in a bathroom...I just like going in there so that I can get out through a secret passage and watch your futile attempts to talk to a non-existent person..

2. When you come home and therez a question waiting "You're home" ranging from mild surprise to extreme shock...
Retort - And to think I had NO idea about it...or if my mere presence freaks you out so much I think I'll just chuck myself out least it would save me the whole to-n-fro traveling part ..

3. You reach the destination after a long travel and some1 tells you "chalo uttaro"(get down)..
Retort - No I think I'll just stay in the damn car and check out the surroundings and the car interiors a bit longer coz 45 mins in the stuffy car sure weren't enough ...

4. I don't how many of you've been through this but sometimes parents while going out feel the urge to remind you to "Not to open the doors to strangers"..
Retort - Damn!! Does that mean I'll have to cancel the late night party I had on for tonight with the neighborhood freakazoids alias starangers ??? Too bad..

5. The then of course The famous " Did you study while we're gone??"
Retort - Trust me after the initial moments of suppressed laughter  and controlling of evil smiles, the best answer would be - had a jam-packed schedule of watching football, listening to music and reading novels, couldn't fit the studies anywhere...parents ..sigh constant source of amusement!!

Further contributions will be highly entertained....who doesn't need a good laugh!!

P.S -this isn't in keeping with the blog but people on FB who're in2 piratey stuff, try clicking on the US/UK logo on the bottom left corner of the page and click on English(pirate) head...its super cool trust me!!


  1. 1 such question is: Are you asleep?
    Retort- You're damn right I was! People ask this question intentionally to wake you up. If you don't, they're gonna shake you as hard as possible & when you're up they make the most innocent face and say- "oh! Did I wake you, were you asleep? Go back to sleep."
    Yeah right! You try going back to sleep after an earthquake!!

  2. arr this be pleasin to ma eye..i love that lingo.. been using it since got on fb..the other day my frnd came and informed that a girl commited suicide.. my room mate-was it

  3. and when you tell something that just happened..people go like is this for real??i mean did it happen...

  4. @rohit -ya thats d most evilest of all...sp d shaking part..

    @soin -arr thats rightey mate piratey lingo rox...n pple sure do hv their 'not intelligent' moments...

  5. lmao!!
    I'd rate this one as the coolest post ever!

  6. who knocked on yur bathroom door? speaking of weird, call up yur frnd 3 in morning and ask, if she is sleeping? Nope eating unlimited meals..dat was my retort!

  7. @shalini -fank u dude!!! :D

    @hary -oh dat wud hv2 b my bro..hez 1 hellva pesky mosquito...n m guessing that ur a foodie ;)

  8. lol.. i agree to all except the first one..u asked" what business could 1 be doing in the bathroom..".. mam.. there are a lot of things that 1 could be doing in the bathroom.. so never question that.. n dont think tht am gross..

  9. @vishnu - : D...Height of lol-ness(???)