December 21, 2009

The story of a pissed fan...

I guess it has become a force of habit by now...I watch a liverpool match, swear that I won't comment about it in the blog (more so if pool ahem loses), and that's exactly what I end up doing...So this time I thought why don't I share what goes on outside the the idiot box ie the minute -to-minute(well not exactly) real life reactions of a pissed liverpool goes:
6:10 - Switch to ESPN. Have my SNAP exam the next day but then apparently that is still not a good enough reason to miss the match..After all they show the match 'live' only once...
6:25 - rub my eyes and make sure that the match was the one between pool-pompey and not between bunch of 10 year olds
6:43 - wish had been sensible and skipped the match, pompey up by 1..
6:50 - dad comes, sees the score, then sees my face and starts laughing...Tells me its high time I should stop supporting pool and should join the Man U bandwagon...To think it would have to come down to THIS
7:30 - have a really bad taste in my mouth, aim a few well chosen curses at pool players , a lot more at pompey players thinks its a good opportunity to cash in and starts making fun of Torres- says pool doesn't pay him enough to get even a decent haircut, tell dad its called style instead receive a bewildered look...
7:33 - Really pissed !!!!! tell dad to watch whatever he pleased, says pool should loose even more often so he gets to watch TV...give him the evil eye!!
7:45 - bro comes up hearing the final score and tells me to watch Utd match which would be loads more exciting...He had NO idea...
9:20 -  This time bro really pissed , using the same curses, tells dad to watch his happy to get the remote back...tells bro and me to switch to chelsea!! we nearly die of shock...

On top mum gave me the ultimatum yesterday to either clean up my room or consider being chucked out of the there I was being bullied into tidying up my room against my wish, when I came across this Wren & Martin grammar book, flipped to the back page and this is what I saw :

Wish we had been taught alphabets this way...

Oh and I was going through a few GK questions yesterday for SNAP and found this : This band received a nomination in the heavy metal category for the Grammy Awards. They performed one of their hit numbers live at the show, but the award went to Jethro Tull. The band didn't seem to care, though; they added a sticker to their album reading "Grammy Award LOOSERS"....any guesses which band?????


  1. uncle had his day huh!?!:D
    I swear!!..the world would be such a better place to study in if everything was taught this photo!
    The band HAS to be Metallica...who else can carry the "hell may care" attitude with such awesomeness!!

  2. Such a bad season this...but atleast Utd still has a chance. And WTF! even if we lose we can look back and say we were champions just a year ago...not like you merseysiders who would need a lifetime to remember the last time you people won the league :D :D

    and the band is metallica

  3. @shalini -trust me he was the happiest 1 that day...

    @twisted elegance - hey thnx 4 joining...ur a utd fan????? seriously??? n hey every club goes thru a rough patch cept this tym its more rougher than usual 4 pool...but at least their fighting it out remember 2-0 at anfield...n i dnt think its going 2 be u guys this season...chelsea playing waaayy tooo strong!!!

  4. P.S - is it sooo obvious that its Metallica????

  5. yeah its obvious.coz you both seem to know most about them only.and we gunners are doing well.atleast support us so that stupid manu dont

  6. i liked the way u made fun of chelshit.. torres needs a haircut?? u gotta be kidding me.. i see u've made a few ossum changes to ur blog.. live a red.. die as one too..