December 25, 2009

The Art of Living...My way is the best way....

Its bloody irritating how things don't work out the way you planned them to right??? You've been looking forward to something and BAM it doesn't happen leaving you totally dejected and sometimes turns the atheist in you to believe that there must be someONE somewhere who hates you and wishes that you have all the horrible experiences in the world, while you're left wondering 'why does it always have to happen to me???'  That pretty much describes my tryst with CAT....For people not familiar with the rendezvous - in simple words, exam got canceled, get a msg that the new centerz about 30 kms from my place...from 5 km away to 30 km, yup that was my nightmare coming true...since I had chosen the morning shift at 10 and had to report by 8, it meant getting started at me you wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere near me within 30 m radius then ... thankfully my aunt stays near the exam center ( 8km distance !!) so went to her place the day before itself.....

Surprisingly that was one of the best things that would've happened to me..for starters my bhaiya has one of the most amazing treasure-trove of books -LOTR, Harry Potter, Robin Cook, RD etc etc etc so had a blast reading them and then watched movies...which was why I was not a nervous wreck before the exam....And that is when the debate started inside my head - Do I really want everything according to the some stupid rule book that I've meticulously planned or did I want to flow along with my life and let it take any course that it wanted??? See for some people having a proper charted course gives them direction of what they want in life, how life should be handled, the way to success ...but did somebody or can somebody really define what success is???? or more importantly is success everything??? when you look back at life do you want to be able to say that 'yes I was successful' or 'bloody hell I enjoyed my life'???

Yesterday I was searching for a good book to settle down with and came across 'The seven habits of highly effective people' by Steven Covey....Before you jump to any conclusion, I was forced to buy the book...honestly I'm not a big fan of self-help books, infact I positively detest them...Don't even get me started on The Alchemist....but this book ( 7 habits) was actually part of our curriculum in 1 of the college semesters and I never got around to reading beyond the first could be because the book was sooo sleep-inducing but more than that what was written at the back -" Covey reveals a step-by-step pathway for living with fairness, integrity, honesty, and human dignity which are the fundamentals and key to success".... Ok so maybe Covey found his path to success but it doesn't mean that would have to be 'everybody's' path to success...
Life is something which should be enjoyed and discovered...should be the 'road not taken' because who knows that road or path which is rocky at first may turn out to be our path to success  happiness....
So yes I want to be successful but more than that I want to enjoy my life, experience the unexpected, look forward to the challenges and risk because in the end that's what makes life's either this or planned, risk incorporated monotonous life....I guess I can gladly say that 'problems rock'....

P.S - which is why have a 'lousy' Christmas and a 'crappy' New Year  ; )  
P.P.S - Merry Christmas all the same!!!


  1. ok so how the hell can one be 'not successful' and yet be happy?

    LOTR, Robin cook and Harry Potter are not treasures! NO!

    Steven Covey is a jackass!

    And finally..I traveled 25 km for writing my CAT


  2. hmmm CAT story!!! they made everyone run like jerry in search of the CAT ... hmmm yep but cheer up gal...hope the new year brings the smile yu much need so!

  3. Good one dude...totally with you..duh! Life is much much more exciting when it is left unexplored. Success does not necessarily equal happiness...depend on how you measure it.
    Ohh...I gave the same 'lousy' and 'crappy' wishes to bro this morning...:P
    Merry Christmas!

  4. @twisted elegance - question:You think that only successful pple can be happy??? AND come on LOTR n HP are definitely treasures...25 km??? jeez still beat ya ; )

    @hary - lol, oh please CAT pple cnt bring me down...thnx : )

    @shalini - telepathy.....

  5. bloody hell i enjoyed my life.. and i bet u r doin the same.. there is a hell lot of difference between satisfaction and happiness itself.. successful pple are satisfied but not happy..