November 07, 2011

Smoking Kills..1 Lung at a Time

And people familiar with human anatomy would be aware that humans have only TWO lungs..Question is: are smokers???

I was travelling in a red line bus the other day..closed windows & no A/C (trust me this is important) n  this old guy standing next was smoking away merrily as if owning the place, despite the ‘NO SMOKING’ sign put up (note people wisdom does NOT necessarily come with age). And if my pointed glares instigated him or something..the guy had the audacity to blow smoke right into my face ( thanks dude for snuffing out 1 year out of my life..owe u 1!!) . Purposely I started coughing louder than usual in extra dramatic tones that would’ve put any bollywood actor to shame ;) …but the guy gave 1 casual blank look & went back to puffing.
And that is what infuriated me the most..the casual disregard towards others lives..It is a given fact that people who do not smoke, still end up smoking 1 cigarette a day. So congratulations people YOU ALL are a passive smokers whether you want it or not!!!

  I generally classify smokers into 3 categories -
1) The ill / non-informed
2) The ‘On-the-verge-Quitters’
3) The dufuses

I’m angry at govt.’s lack of pursuance towards enlightening the people about the risk they are exposed to while smoking. Oh sure gross pictures on cigarette boxes are going to do the trick. And blurring the cigarettes in movies which will soon come is, well, it’ll be quite laughable. Hellllooo as if we can’t figure out what the actor is holding. Please don’t consider us this dumb although we people do tend to reach new levels of stupidity while electing you guys but still that’s only momentary.

The people who are trying to quit have my sympathies. At least they are making an effort. But it’s the ‘DUFUS gang’ that makes me want to bang my their heads on the wall.

It’s not just their total disregard for their own health but the fact that they seem to think they are a part of ‘the cool group’. In WHICH universe?? Oh and don’t even give me the shit about how smoking makes ‘one’ calm & deal with problems. It just makes ‘other ones’ puke. What it really is..Is cowardice..Do you doubt yourselves & your ability to think straight & rational that you have to depend on toxic stuff to take the right decision? And for people who say that smoking is NICE (yup heard that also)..counter can ANYTHING that will eventually end up destroying you be NICE???

Indian economy thrives on the sale of such toxic substances…shut off sale of cigarettes & me it’s going to have an impact on growth..a slight impact but an impact nevertheless..Some people say the govt. can capitalize on it by raising the taxes on these substances..If people can’t have them..they won’t abuse them…But there are serious loopholes to this theory…people who buy such stuff consider them necessity goods..raising the prices would hardly deter them..also it is important to realize that a lot of people who smoke fall into the lower income strata..denying them such substances could lead to rise in the level of criminal activity..the question then remains how to control the use of such substances amongst people..true proper education & making them aware would prove beneficial in the long run but that is clearly not enough as we can see…Any ideas???

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