October 30, 2009


People like me would generally associate the word 'Black' with something cool, rocking kinds..but the incident that I encountered today was not nice and definitely not cool.. got me totally pissed off and made ME think ( woah!!!)...okay what happened was that I was traveling in the bus today and this really old man got on...he couldn't even stand properly let alone walk...so he came in and stood next beside where I was standing and nobody in the damn bus gave up their seats...not even this complete asshole guy who by the way was sitting on the seat reserved for women...felt like punching the guy..and THEN,who would've gotten up  but this another old guy and offered the seat to him!!! can you imagine....what is wrong with the people, I mean there's this word called HUMANITY that I guess people aren't familiar with. Last time I checked, wasn't Indian culture all about showing respect. Would it seriously take too much of people's time and energy if they started being a part of the "real" society ( where people help each other and I'm not talking about the fake one's we're right now living in ) and make their lives tiny bit meaningful!!

It's surprising and downright hypocritical when Indians look down upon the western culture as unhealthy..I mean if they love their own culture so well, how about they live upto it...Isn't it time they start seeing both sides of the coin and admit for a fact Indians need to start thinking about others for a change. And ironically during this incident I was listening to this song by Dream Theater, which goes like
              Once the stone,You're crawling under, is lifted off you're shoulders
              Once the cloud. that's raining over your head, disappears
              The noise that you hear, is the crashing down of Hollow Years!!!
If the present generation does not get its act together , I think a black dawn's just waiting for us.


  1. WTF?
    The same thing happened with me too...and the person in this case was a pregnant woman! Nobody even cared to stand up and offer her a seat! Ridiculous.

    Btw, love this song!

  2. You get to see this everyday in the bus/metro. It pinches.

  3. and i know the songz amazing...therez another slow 1 - I walk beside you..really g8!!

  4. hmm....as highlighted in the movie swades ,the culture watver u said was right....in mumbai generally these things aren't tolerated like sitting on ladies seats and all....we have seats for the old and handicapped....

  5. Nice...Delhi pple definitely need 2 learn some leasons in manners!!